Extravagant vegan and vegetarian food

It is important to be healthy and cheerful, therefore a tasty meal is a must. That is why we cook delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes. Each day we offer something new and exciting.

Breakfast / working days 8:00am – 11:30am

Different salads with seasonal sauces, pancakes, omlets, freshly baked bread and croissants, nut or dried fruit muesli and other tasty breakfast food #miitbrokastis

Lunch / working days 12.00am – 4.00pm

We want to offer diversity that is why our lunch dishes are different every day. To find out what is today find us via Facebook

Dinner / working days 4:00pm – 9:00pm / 11:00pm 

Watermelon gazpacho, carrot and coconut puree, barley – caramelized onion, oyster mushroom salad or chocolate, pear loaf with mint whipped cream on top and much more. If that sounds delicious and interesting, we know you will not be disapointed #miitdinner

Cakes and brownies

A good cup of coffee needs a companion. Vegan and gluten free sweets - freshly baked chocolate, nut or dried fruit brownies, gigantic cookies, cheese cakes with seasonal berry toppings, avocado and pumpkin cakes – all baked  with care and love by our own girls. Vegan and gluten free sweets are always hiding somewhere  between all of them.

Banquets / up to 50 people

We would like to celebrate every day, which excites us ever more, if you choose to celebrate at MIIT. We will prepare everything starting from tasty snacks, delicious dinner dishes and finishing with a celebration cake or other deserts.