MIIT COFFEE / coffee science and the art behind it

To prepare our coffee, we use only freshly roasted, Speciality coffee quality beans, which are imported from small coffee growing farms and cooperatives around the world, therefore supporting the coffee producing country’s community and a mutually beneficial cooperation.

Each region has it’s own taste and aroma and we are excited to show that in your cup. To highlight the characheristics of coffees from Ethiopia, Columbia, Kenya, Guatemala and more, it has to be prepared properly. All of MIIT COFFEE baristas are profesionals and specialty coffee enthusiasts, who will make your desired cup of coffee.


A popular, but challenging coffee brewing method. The coffee is made using a specialy designed paper filter to discover a truly saturated taste and aroma.


This brewing method was created to make coffee easier, without loosing the classic coffee taste, but it adds a exotic accidity to the coffee.

French press

A natural, strong body taste and rich with aromas are the characheristics that describe  coffee made with a french press. Nevertheless the dark taste, the ending taste notes will not  dissapoint.


Each brewing time is a challenge to discover something new. Takes a long time to master the brewing process, but the clear body is a proof that only the best tastes and aromas are brought to the cup. Similar to V60, special paper filters are used to prepare coffee in a Chemex coffee  brewer.

To prepare espresso and coffee drinks we use only high quality, UHT technology milk and quinoa or oat milk.